White Lightening Kit 16%


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Teeth which have become darkened with age or poor hygiene can be brightened appoximately 6-8 increments on the re-arranged* Vita shade guide. (Vita shade guide set from lightest to darkest shades) on effective application within 3 days.

Carbamide Peroxide 16% gel bleaching system for dentists to assist patients in vital teeth whitening. White Lightening (mint flavoured), Tray Storage Container, 2x Thermosplints, Patient and Clinical Instructions in a black case with mirror.

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Carbamide Peroxide 16% gel has demonstrated an ability to bleach tooth structure with varying degrees of effectiveness over extended periods. The exact mechanism of the bleaching process is unknown.


Teeth affected by fluorosis, tobacco and mild tetracycline staining can also be bleached on treatment over a 7 to 10 day period. Results are case dependent upon the extent of staining and the duration of application. The tray may be worn for as long as desired on the understanding that it should be removed for a day if discomfort occurs.


Lichen Planus may be exacerbated by Carbamide Peroxide Gel and tooth bleaching is contraindicated for these patients. Carbamide Peroxide 16% will remove the smear layer from dentine but has no reported deleterious effects on tooth structure. PDS White Lightening has no effect on amalgam or gold restorations. Porcelain and composite resin restorations have demonstrated slight surface roughening under severe laboratory conditions.


Isolated cases of uneven bleaching or banding may occur and patients must be advised of this rare possibility. Tooth hypersensitivity and soft tooth lesions may occur if the gel is used continuously for 3 days or more. Sore throats from swallowing gel leaching out from poorly fitting trays have been reported. As with most medication, use during pregnancy is not advised. The tray should not be worn during eating, teeth cleaning, playing contact sport or swimming and should be stored in the container provided whilst out of the mouth.

Directions for Use

Initial Visit:

Involves the recording of teeth colour and taking alginate impressions. Once the plaster model has been fabricated, the thermoplastic blank provided may be used to construct the tray. This should be done using a commercially available apparatus with a high temperature element and vacuum motor. A close fitting tray that does not extend beyond the cervical margins is essential for a successful bleaching result. The individuals Patient Pack is then prepared for handover.

Second Visit:

Involves the fitting and checking of the thermoplastic tray for patient comfort. The patient should be instructed on precautions and indications on use of the bleaching system.

Subsequent Appointments

The patient should be recalled in a week to review progress, observe and record colour change between arches. Continue to recall patient as often as required until desired colour change is achieved.

Patient Instructions

Patients should practice good dental hygiene and use the PDS White Lightening Gel in the prepared tooth shield nightly. Teeth should be cleaned before applying the gel. Comprehensive Clinical, Product and Patient Information Sheets are provided in each PDS White Lightening Kit.


Please refer to MSDS.


  • Comprehensive instructions and patient infomation.
  • 30ml squeeze bottle of White Lightening Gel.
  • 30ml squeeze bottle of ChloroFluor Gel.
  • 2 x thermo splints soft 2mm.
  • Storage container for bleaching trays.


Store below 30 deg. C