Oral Hygiene

Within the oral hygiene range of the PDS products we are proud to offer our “gold standard” product Chlorofluor. Available in a Gel, Mouth rinse and Toothpaste, Chlorofluor strengthens the gums and tooth enamel, helps prevent tooth decay, reduces the growth of dental plaque, helps clear persistent bad breath, sterilises the mouth after oral surgery and reduces the growth of dental plaque and odour on all orthodontic appliances.

Within this Chlorofluor range we have also created our innovative PerioPack system. PerioPack includes a 10% carbamide peroxide (Bright teeth gel) as well as a Chlorofluor gel, and the larger pack (perio+) includes thermo blanks, and storage box for Dentists to make custom trays for patients.

Our Chlorofluor range is designed as an adjunct to assist customers who may have problems with established tooth decay and gum irritation and need some additional support with their home care.

We like to call this our “therapeutic aesthetic” system.

PDS also makes a range of plaque disclosing gels. We have a single colour gel and a 2-tone gel. If you are using the guided biofilm therapy protocol or looking for some inspiration to assist your clients to improve their oral hygiene the use of a disclosing gel makes a significant difference for feedback for your customers and to help you to identify where there are problem areas in the mouth.

These products are all designed and made in Australia.

Chlorofluor Gel and Mouth rinse is available from your favourite pharmacy, currently the PerioPack range is for professional use only.