MintDrops Mouth Rinse

Order Code: 33904

Fresh mint flavoured mouthrinse concentrate for pre-operative and post-operative rinsing.

200ml pump bottle

Composition Concentrated mint Flavour 33% alchohol.
Actions Pleasant flavoured concentrate that, when diluted in water, refreshes the mouth on rinsing before and after dental procedures.
Indications As a mouth rinse prior to and after dental procedures.
Precautions Flammable liquid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. The concentrate contains food colouring and contact with surfaces or materials that may stain should be avoided.
Directions for Use Spray 1 or 2 doses (as desired) into a disposable cup and half fill with water. Provide to patient as a mouthwash and rinse as and when required.
Poisoning Refer to MSDS.
Presentation Single Pack 200 mL Unit Dose Spray Bottle.
Storage Store below 30 deg. C
Dangerous Goods Class 3