Orange & Mirror Double Pack
Orange & Mirror Double Pack
LED Paddle (Red)
Lite Filter Paddle (Orange)


Order Codes:
  • 35100 - Lite Filter Paddle (Orange)
  • 35102 - Orange & Mirror Double Pack
  • 35103 - LED Paddle (Red)
  • 35104 - LED and Mirror Duo

Handy viewing paddle to shield eyes from potentially damaging ultraviolet light curing rays. Size: 250mm x 127mm.

Composition Orange or Red Perspex sheet 250mm x 127mm
Actions Blocks out blue light waves emitted from composite resin curing lights.
Indications To shield eyes from potentially hazardous light emitted from composite resin curing lights.
(Led Indication - For LED curing lights)
Contraindications Nil.
Precautions Not to be autoclaved.
Directions for Use Hold paddle between light source and personnel viewing prior to switching on curing light. After curing completed switch off light and remove paddle from field of view.
Cleaning Instructions Never Autoclave, wipe paddle with a Neutral Detergent to remove any organic material then disinfect with isopropyl alcohol.
Poisoning NIL
Presentation 250mm x 127mm
Storage Store in a dust free environment to avoid scratching