Finale Solvent

Order Codes:
  • 34465 - 15ml
  • 34460 - 1lt

Finishing solvent for smoothing the trimmed edges of mouthguards, impression trays and splints.

Composition Trichloroethylene 95%
Actions Use Finishing solvent for the smoothing of trimmed edges on mouthguards, impression trays and splints for improved patient comfort and acceptance.
Directions for use Moisten a cotton bud with Finale Solvent and rub along marginal edge to be smoothed. Continue rubbing with wetted cotton bud until desired finish is obtained.
Safety Directions Vapour is harmful to health on prolonged exposure. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear protective gloves when using. Avoid breathing vapours. Use only in well ventilated area.
First Aid Please refer to MSDS.
Presentation 15 mL Amber Glass Vial 1 Litre Tin Container
Storage Store below 30 deg. C
Poison Schedule Australia - Schedule 6
Dangerous Goods Class 6.1