EndoPrep Gel

Order Code: 33330

EDTA/C gel for facilitating access to root canals and lubricating instruments in endodontic therapy. The non-wax gel is easily rinsed from canals. Compatible with Apex Locators. Supplied with 5 dispensing tips.

Composition Disodium Edetate 150 mg/mL (equivalent to 15% w/v)
Cetrimide 8.5 mg/mL (equivalent to 0.85% w/v)
pH adjusted to 7.2
Actions Chelating gel containing Cetrimide in a water soluble base that softens dentine and lubricates instruments during endodontic procedures.
Indications For all endodontic procedures, particularly useful for the initial instrumentation of fine canals. Compatible with Apex Locators.
Contraindications Not for subcutaneous injection.
Precautions Avoid instrumentation of gel beyond the apex of the canal. Flush thoroughly to remove all traces of gel prior to obteration of the canal.
Directions for Use Place a small portion of gel on a sterile Dappen's dish. Wipe instrument through gel prior to instrumentation of canal.
Poisoning Please refer to MSDS.
Presentation 2 x 3mL Plastic Syringes + 10 Dispensing Tips
Storage Store below 30 deg. C