Rotagen Aerosol


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High-pressure aerosol lubricant spray for High and Low Speed Handpieces and Airmotors. Contains an Ultra Pure autoclavable lubricating solution which is stable under High Temperature and Pressure and leaves no residue.

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Hydrocarbon solvents and oils > 50%
Esters < 10%
Hydrocarbon propellant < 50%


Extra high pressure, temperature stable, aerosol spray for the lubrication and cleaning of high and low speed dental rotary instruments.


Suitable for use with all dental handpieces and air turbine machines. Safe, non-toxic spray that can be used pre and post sterilisation procedures. Withstands autoclaving (steam sterilisation).


Not a disinfection or sterilisation agent.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Highly flammable.

Directions for use

Refer to instrument manufacturer’s instructions for specific instrument requirements.

  • Wear protective gloves at all times during this process to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Remove excess biological load from instrument using a non-ionic, neutral pH detergent (ie: Neutradet Solution) prior to lubrication and high pressure cleaning with ROTAGEN.
  • Attach manufacturer’s spray nozzle to universal fitting on ROTAGEN can.
  • Apply ROTAGEN spray as per instrument manufacturer’s instructions.
  • On spraying ROTAGEN through the instrument, if any large amount of bioload appears, repeat the cleaning and preparative process as per instrument manufacturer’s instructions.
  • After sterilisation and before reuse of instrument, run instrument for several seconds and wipe off any excess oil produced.


Refer to MSDS.


350g NET high pressure aerosol spray can.
The can has a universal fitting to suit all instrument manufacturer’s adaptors.


Store below 30 deg. C

Dangerous Goods

Class 2.1